Nowadays the search of love on the Internet became very popular. Thanks to the magic of the Web there is a huge choice of different marriage and dating sites full of single beautiful and attractive women native from Ukraine and Russia who want to make acquaintance, to communicate and finally to get married with a Western man. But you should not create the illusions and take the desires for reality because the part of these lovely women are indeed the artful scammers who use the online dating sites and your naivety to squeeze the money.

The swindlers act methodically to extract some money, their techniques are rather efficient and they know very well how to occupy with you. But in spite of the difference of fraud in the Web, in general all swindlers use the same codes, techniques and process. So let’s try to unmask them and be more aware.

The profile of the girl swindler is very appealing; it entices by her beautiful appearance, an active lifestyle, good, well-paid and interesting job which she declare, professional and sexy photos, luxurious life with different parties, amazing landscapes, nice hotels and exotic trips. She seems to you a rich, friendly, livelyб many-sided and adorable person.

The swindler finds an easy prey, and usually it’s a secluded and reserved person, who is in trouble, in divorce, old, his profile reflects social and emotional misery. Therefore, she contacts you by choosing a delicate instant of your life, she knows how and what to write you, says to you what you need to hear, and you begin trusting her from the first message. Being o good psychologist and a nice attentive talker, she contacts you the first, you begin the correspondence which becomes regular, your communication goes very well and natural, you have real heart-to-heart talks, you are showered with compliments and words which deeply touch your heart, you feel happy and desired, and finally you trust her completely.

This romantic story continues by the declarations of love, by her dreams about you and intimate photos which she sends you to prove her attraction and passion. She speaks about meeting, about your common life which will be happy and amazing, and she can even make you fall in love with her. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that swindler’s language is rather rough and in the rapid messages there are often a lot of grammar mistakes.

Finally, when the victim trusts her, she acts immediately: she needs money because she has problems with her health, a member of her family is sick or in the hospital, she wishes to make a trip and come to see you in a real, she needs to help to a girlfriend in an embarrassing situation or pay expenses of notary. In any case, she is going to find a good reason to manipulate you. And inspired by your love, compassion or by friendship, you will try to help her financially.

So what you must keep of this article, it’s the fact that not all the women on the Russian and Ukraine dating sites are swindlers, and that it’s always possible to find really a good person and even fall in love, but it’s nevertheless necessary to remain careful and realistic, not send the money to unknown persons, and when you have the slightest distrust, don’t hesitate and made the verification of the lady in the blacklists on the specialized sites to be sure that this person is real.

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