Unfortunately, in recent years sentimental scams are more and more often met in social networks throughout the Internet. So, if you dream of stable relationships and if you are looking for your love on a free international dating site, you need to anticipate everything so that you don’t become an easy victim of online romance scams. In order to protect you from potential risks, our team of the well-known marriage agency invites you to discover the types of sentimental scam spread all over the Internet.

According to the data collected by our site http://russian-scam-blacklist.info/ there are fraud by webcam and also romantic fraud.

The first one is considered to be very threatening and violent. First of all, an attractive person sends you an invitation of friendship. Step by step, trust establishes between you two and you even start feeling something for that person you have found on an international free dating site. In a short period of time, online romance scams try to invite their potential victims to indulge in adult games using videoconferencing. As his/her account is totally false, the scammer uses sequences that are taken from pornographic sites, while another person plays in a real life. The scammer begins to extract all personal data, and as the victim doesn’t have any doubts in this show, he/she easily gives the names of his/her relatives, his/her own nickname in social networks, information about his/her work etc. For a scammer, it becomes very easy to threaten people using their recorded videos.

Another type of sentimental scam spread online, is a romantic fraud, requires more time. In this case, the purpose of the online romance scams is to play on the feelings of their victims and for this, they can use any means on a free dating site. Unfortunately, in the majority of the cases, the profile of this unfair person completely meets the expectations of clients. The scam tells his/her victim that he/she is looking for lasting and serious relationships. He/she stays in contact with her/him a lot of time and afterwards, reveals his/her feelings. In general, customers have no doubts because they see the promises of a great love, as well as of meetings in real life and so on. As soon as the victims fall in love with them, the online romance scams start to extract money from them. They can invent many reasons, including illness, travelling to the home country of a particular victim, the financial problem of their loved ones, and so on. They will take advantage of any pretext in order to receive quickly your money. Don’t be surprised, it really works because they play on the feelings of others. Since the person falls in love, he/she quickly decides to help. Once the scam has received money, he/she disappears.

As you can see, it can really be dangerous. So, be very careful and follow our articles to discover how to detect online romance scams on any free dating site.

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