Unfortunately, today the Internet and especially sites of any free marriage agency have become a real hunting ground for internet love scams who are looking for their next prey to extract money. The personal information that is present almost on every site or network on the Internet has contributed to the creation of a new form of scam that aims to manipulate strong feelings, including love.

It is true that internet love scams often operate by far on the sites of a free marriage agency to avoid possible penalties or even location. Their current techniques are so sophisticated that they all know exactly what to do in order not to leave doubts in their victim’s mind.

As nowadays the Internet is within the reach of everyone, regardless of gender, age or social position, it is really difficult to realize immediately that you have become a prey of scammers. It’s a pity to announce but every site of the free marriage agency where you can find personal profiles, is subject to risk because in most of the cases, the first task of all internet love scams is to make their victim fall in love. To reach their goal, scammers don’t save time or resources. They create fake profiles with perfectly ideal images, examine carefully all the personal data of their prey, develop ways to seduce them as quickly as possible and immediately pass to the action.

In general, after revealing their unreal strong feelings, they begin to invent the problems associated with poor health or financial status to make their victim who is already in love with them to send them money. Unfortunately, we must note that this mechanism works so perfectly that very often the amounts of money sent by the prey are really fabulous. You have to be careful because the pretexts of scams to ask for financial help can be various: any disease, visa fees to organize a meeting with you or to make an imaginary trip etc…

So, as you understand, the amount of people who have become victims of internet love scams on one of the sites of a free marriage agency is increasing every day regardless of country, and it is really important to be very attentive when searching for love online. We suggest you continue to follow the news on our website http://russian-scam-blacklist.info/ in order to discover step by step all the possible tricks of scams on the Internet and avoid becoming their potential victim!

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