You see on the photos a beautiful Russian mature woman and you think that it is exactly the person whom you need and who you want to marry? Attention! Never hurry up with the conclusions before discovering what kind of person she really is! In this article we will tell you about internet dating and romance scams hoping to better protect you from the risks on the Internet.
Who are the victims and how is blackmail done with the help of the webcam?
Unfortunately, subscribers of free dating sites are more likely to be victims of this type of online blackmail than clients of paid marriage agencies. So, it is necessary to pay always attention to the sites you choose. But what does this online scam usually consist of?
In truth, the purpose of internet dating and romance scams is to trap someone on the Internet in order to ask for large sums of money threatening to reveal his/her unflattering and even compromising videos or images.
The blackmail with the help of the webcam starts as a simple conversation on social networks, Skype or any dating site. In most cases the scam pretends to be a beautiful Russian mature woman to have more chances to succeed. Like that, the scammed person doesn’t care about anything and thinks of making a very interesting meeting. The conversation between the two people progresses until the moment when one of them proposes to connect by webcam (most often it is the scam who does it).
Taking advantage of this opportunity, the scam invites its potential victim to go further and undress in front of the camera. This so-called beautiful Russian mature woman records the images for blackmail and exchange for money. Indeed, the scam cuts off the webcam and explains to the other person his/her real goal. There is no other choice for the scammed man to cooperate, which means to send the sums of money requested to the swindler, so that his/her images or videos do not appear immediately on the Internet.
How to act in the case of blackmail?
If you became a victim of one of the internet dating and romance scams who threatens to unveil your intimate photos and videos to everyone, skip it and cut off any contact with this person right now! In this way your beautiful mature Russian woman will have no interest in revealing this information if you do not care, because like that, she/he can only waste his/her time and get nothing. Stay calm and in any case don’t send money! If you give in, your scam can even renew his/her threats in a certain time, after the first transfer.
As soon as you know that you deal with a scam, don’t open any messages from him/her, remove him/her immediately from your friends list and block him/her so that he/she has no access to your personal data.
Even if your scam has posted your videos on Dailymotion or Youtube, don’t be discouraged and contact the sites as soon as possible to request the removal of compromising content. You have the right to make a complaint too, if you need to!

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