Unfortunately, today a lot of free marriage agencies available online are full of scam profiles. The mechanisms of these dishonest people are so well grounded that they can play on the feelings of others and put pressure on them in order to extract large sums of money. To make you feel safe on the sites of free marriage agencies and avoid the dating scam online, our team of http://russian-scam-blacklist.info/ has prepared for you useful tips that could help you to distinguish the real accounts from fake.

One of the techniques to identify a profile of dating scam online is to compare his/her profile picture with one that features the Google search engine. First of all, save his or her image on your computer. Then, drag it into the search bar. If you see such photos detected by Google, as well as the list of free dating agencies that have already published this image, be sure that you deal with a dating scam online. This technique does not work without errors but anyway you can try other sites to compare photos. Remember that the majority of fake dating site accounts have only one profile picture.

In social networks you can also check contacts and friends in common with the person you suspect. If you see some of your friends in his or her list, be careful, sometimes scams add anyone of your friends to their contacts in order to trap you easily.

We often see that the majority of sentimental scams in free marriage agencies don’t like to waste their time filling out all the details of their profiles. If you see even a slight inconsistency between the age of the person and his or her photo or the orthography errors, pay attention to it immediately!

It is important to know that almost every dating scam online practices copy-and-paste in his or her conversations with potential victims in order to not to invent messages of love themselves. The swindlers personalize their messages only at the end of their online correspondence.

These dishonest people avoid giving their phone number so you can’t call them and reveal their true identity. On the other hand, if they give you their Skype contacts, it doesn’t mean anything, because very often they are able to download the videos or the images of the other person to show them to you during your conversation.

We also advise you to follow your intuition in your search for love in the free marriage agencies available online, because sometimes it is the best thing that can help you to not to be wrong in identifying a dating scam online. If you have any doubts about this person, never add him or her to your contacts or use the verification techniques that we have indicated in this article in order to have more chances to succeed and find your true love easily on international dating sites. Good luck!

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