If you have already read other articles of our international marriage agency on the site http://russian-scam-blacklist.info/, you may have noticed many techniques of dating and romance scams whose number doesn’t cease to increase. What must be done then to avoid the traps of swindlers online?

The first thing we advise you to do is not send money to anyone. Sometimes it’s really difficult and that’s understandable. If you keep in touch with someone for a while and you are convinced that this person is sincere, you will undoubtedly want to help her/him in a difficult time of life, and it is normal. However, if it is any marriage agency, it is better to take all necessary precautions before doing something in order to avoid becoming a victim of dating and romance scams. Remember that it is quite common for dishonest people to come up with different reasons, including serious illness or lack of money for the operation, to extract large sums of money from you and then disappear forever.

Even so, there is good news that we must announce to you. Our team of the site http://russian-scam-blacklist.info/ has created the blacklist of dating and romance scams especially for you that you can also consult before getting acquainted online with a beautiful Slavic girl that you like. Pay attention if among all these profiles your pretty woman who comes from Eastern Europe appears. However, even if you have not found your Russian or Ukrainian girl in this blacklist written by an international marriage agency, don’t rejoice immediately and stay alert. Unfortunately, many dating and romance scams are already aware of this kind of site that exists on the Internet and in order to not to generate any suspicions, they start looking for images for their profile on social networks.

Don’t forget that you have the right to ask your correspondent a copy of her ID but nowadays, with the help of photo editing software it is really easy to change the data on any document. That’s why if you want to be 100% sure that your beautiful Slavic woman is not a swindler, our international marriage agency recommends you to ask her to make a certified copy by a notary with apostille and it must be exactly this notary who must send you her documents directly in your email address. Yes, it’s a pretty brutal technique but it really discourages a lot of dating and romance scams.

Our team also advises you to type her email address in Google in order to check it, because a great number of scams change their images and their name all the time but keep the same email address. So by doing this you will be able to get one or a few positive results concerning dating and romance scams.

So, as you see, avoiding the traps of scams is quite possible, you only need to be very careful and try to follow all the recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of dishonest people who play on human feelings!

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